Venice Architecture Biennale, Italy 2018

 Venice Architecture Biennale, Italy  2018

“TIME SPACE EXISTENCE” /  iLlegal housing. 2018

GAA Foundation + the European Cultural Centre    
Exhibition from 26 May until 26 November 2018

European Cultural Centre, Palazzo Mora / 3rd floor /3B2

the catalogue:


My sincere thanks to Tatjana Meyer from Munich, Germany and Carola Hundrich-Souris, from Denton, Texas, USA, who made my participation in this Venice project possible through their support.

iLlegal housing. 2018 / It’s all about space, public space.  

2016/24/ review    In the beginning there are always sheets of paper and a pencil. Later people, space and environmets will be included. At the end of a project a new life is created for everyone involved, including participants and the audience. It may be only for one moment but that’s what counts.

2017/basics    My work exist for only one reason: my contribution to what is happening in this world. I observe, reflect and create new possibilities which applie to art as well to life.

2018/3/present    Every time I pass my sculptures in the light of dusk I ask myself, who has turned on the light there? Who has just come home? Who lives there, in these sculptures? Is it possible to live in sculptures at all? Is it legal to live in a sculpture? Is it possible to survive in a sculpture?

2018/8/fundamentals    One of the most important social responsibilities is to ensure that the members of society have a home. A place to live, a house, or some other kind of dwelling, lodging, or shelter.

2018/24    I can not differentiate exactly in this context, do I speak of humans or of sculptures? Do I tell of places where people can live or am I talking about a place where the soul can find peace and people can come to rest, do I think about places that are built for living but are kept empty and living in these is prohibited.

2018/24/later    I’m talking about everything. My sculptures tell about everything. All points can be summarized. People call this point social misery. It does not matter if we talk about the problems in the big cities of …The miserable and unacceptable life situations are the same everywhere and nobody seems …

2018/53/next      They open existing space to be rediscovered. They are in places that are not normally intended for sculptures. They stand on the edge and form the center. They stand or lie in the room, in niches and corners and sit on chairs. They are where they are not expected by anyone. They are in the private, in the public space, on the meadow, in the park, in the trees, hover in the air or swim on the water. They have a personality and communicate. They sensitize for a different side of life.

2018/84/résumé     Is there a right to housing, a right to a home –   a human right,  like human dignity inviolable? which guarantees the freedom of thought. Where should the soul of man unfold, recovering dignity if it cannot find a place in daily life? ….to which she can retreat?

 2018/X/needs    Every time I pass my sculptures in the light of dawn I ask myself, who has turned on the light there? Who has just come home? Who lives there, in these sculptures? Is it possible to live in a sculpture at all?

 1. the installation / Details / studio condition

2. sketches, installation

3. image documentation and drawing

image: 1 + 2 Palma de Mallorca; image 3: Ses Roques, Palmyra Sculpture Centre, Mallorca, Islas Baleares, Spain                image: 4: St. Marienkirche, Parchim, Mecklenburg, Germany. „Wir sind hier / We are here“. project in progress