Tsunami económico II. 2013

Tsunami económico – en progreso 2012/13

The starting point of this project was the artistic confrontation with the tsunami and nuclear disaster in Fukushima on 11 March 2011, as well as its consequences.

In the continuation, I transferred the term „tsunami“ on the economy. The concrete implementation of this transfer took place in 2012 in the city of Inca in Mallorca instead: an artistic action in the light of global financial and economic crisis, on the example of Spain. People lose their jobs there and in consequence, their homes. They are set by unscrupulous landlords and banks on the street because they are no longer able to pay their rent or mortgage. The result of the economic tsunami: the houses are still standing, but the people living on the street. My answer to this problem is the project „Tsunami económico – en progreso“

(Economic Tsunami – in process. http://vps18938.inmotionhosting.com/~cbhundrich/blog/tsunami.html

For the victims of the nuclear disaster in Fukushima as for the victims of the economic tsunami is: It is a serious concern over the continued march of globalization in addition to their economic and informal to add a humanistic side. It is the practical side of the story of the „global thinking and local action.“ Facing the numerous disasters and the increasing economic and social related influx of refugees worldwide, it is an important time to develop a humanistic competence to be able to act locally on the regional level. This is the commandment of our time if we do not want to sacrifice our humanistic values pure economic interests.. There is only this one world and only this humankind, and we all bear responsibility for them.

The renewed continuation: Tsunami económico II. – 2013

Hundrich 14.05.2013