The WoodHouse Project 2006

The WoodHouse Project 2005 

Boundless Peace

a project of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Hanover, Christian Schleicher
in cooperation with the artist Herbert W.H. Hundrich
Patronage: prime minister of Lower Saxony, Christian Wulff
Sponsored by: Landkreis Emsland, VGH Hannover, TUI, Hapag Fly, Lufthansa, Harvey Wösten.
Venue: Ludwig Windthorst Haus, Lingen

the concept:


Boundless Peace

We humans are accustomed to destroy the other in order to develop our own. In this project, what was destroyed by another is brought together again through an individual effort. At the same time, what oneself has made is split and torn in order to contribute to the development of the community. One’s own position is radically exposed; the familiar, the recurring, the recognizable is negated in the so-called search for oneself; the way does not deviate from the accustomed–it is altogether new!

The past defines the present, and dealing with the past allows us to understand coherences and take a standpoint. The past, though, may not be used for the purpose of causing or blaming guilt. We should be careful not to become victims of the past, orientating ourselves by the rigid problems of the past. I understand myself as perpetrator of the present, thus being future- and solution-orientated.

It is said that war begins when diplomacy fails. This project began when the war had already frozen diplomacy, when the bombs fell from the Lebanese sky, and Israeli houses were hit by rockets. The teenagers from the West Bank were already in Hanover. The teenagers from Israel were on their way to Germany when the message from London came: terror alarm, chaos, flights cancelled. Every ring of the phone could have been the end of the project, but we had luck on our side.