the Fukushima-Parchim Project. 2011

the Fukushima-Parchim Project  – 2011


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Fukushima-Parchim Project:To whom it may concern.


The disaster of Fukushima did not simply take place. It happened, it is continuing to happen, and will continue to do so for a long time in the future.

The same kind of statement can also be used to describe one of the core problems of some states in Germany, taking the city of Parchim in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern as an example. In public, this core problem is called “demographic change.” In reality it is a catastrophe with existential repercussions. It is not as physical andimmediately threating as the natural and nuclear disaster of Japan, but in the long run these developments herein Parchim can have similarly devastating repercussions: the moving of people, the resulting building vacancies, and the population drain of entire regions have become quite realistic scenarios.
In a nutshell: The “demographic change” did not simply happen but is continuing to happen.
I have recognized these two phenomena, have related them to each other, and have used that connection as a foundation for the project I have titled “To Whom It May Concern.”
I have described my thoughts about the problems and my approach to formulate a solution for this catastrophic and foreseeable development. Furthermore, I have created documents and presented images of my approach to the public. Creating an approach that would attempt to solve these problems is not only what I can do as an artist, but based on my own expectations, it is what I must do.In addition, it means I recognize my limitations and my ability to make decisions and take responsibility. And finally, it also means I cannot do anything else at this very moment.
When the show opened on September 16, 2011, I presented to the public my approach to solve these problems, unleashing those ideas to the public—as suggested by the show’s title: “ To Whom It May Concern—An Alle Die Es Angeht.” This also includes the thought to give this project freedom and time so that it can develop onits own terms.
The project “An Alle Die Es Angeht” did not simply happen: it also is continuing to happen.

Hundrich, octobre 2011

I. the edition / artist book:

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II. the drawings: to whom it may concern