Poetry of Presence. 2017

Poetry of Presence. 2017

Presence is the spatial and temporal presence of something or of someone. But the poetry goes beyond the present. The Poetry of Presence describes the magic of the moment, so the variety and diversity of unlimited possibilities contained in every moment.

Action is based on conclusions on the past and on projections in the future. But action always takes place in the here and now, in the present. And in a world that is more and more quite different and develops as it is prognosticated. The events of the world rarely meet our expectations.

This magic of the moment allows you to see the world with different eyes. But it also makes it possible to look from one place to another in a different country with a different culture, in order to question one’s own and to move it a little closer. I have raised this kind of changing visions into my art, my projects and my life.

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Poetry of Presence XI. – 2017
resin, fibreglas, pigments and LED lighttechnique, size: 150 x 110 x 160 cm
Poetry of Presence II. – 2017
Aquarell on transparent paper, size: 280 x 430 cm
+ the installation, Nicolaikirche in Rostock
27. Landesschau des Künstlerbundes Mecklenburg Vorpommern

Finissage 3. septembre 2017 – Foto:  Thomas Häntzschel