Nachtasyl / nightasylum. I. 2018.19

 Nachtasyl/ nightasylum  2018/19 

Lightinstallation inspired by: The Lower Depths – Maxim Gorky

In the daylight, the blossom-like sculptures are simply stuck in the water, anchored in the ground, stretched through metal rods into the sky, moved by the wind, playing with the constantly changing light, and passing clouds, reflected on flowing water.

After sunset, with night falling, the sculptures awaken to another life through their inner light. From now on the light is in the foreground. The sculpture will become the carrier of light, light-moving space and renewing, luminous existence.

This play by Maxim Gorky was written in the longing for a great social utopia.
Do we now live in a vacuum after the failure of social utopias? From today’s point of view, is the play a kind of confirmation that the social state in which people find themselves in „night asylum“ will intensify? Could aggravate ? This play – as well as this light installation deal with the loss of human values.

What’s left? Where are we going? Where do we meet? Are we moving in a time loop?

We know who stops goes backwards. We also know that it is the light that brings dreams and ideas into reality. And we also know, without light nothing exists, not even a dream and no place where people can meet nor come together.

The wind blows in the trees and makes the light dance on the water, at the same time swimming against the stream, the light is constant and the river’s water flows.

The moving light as a point of retreat, dreamsequence, as a meditative recreation place.

The night asylum for the soul.

The installation:

17 people appear in Gorki’s play / 17 sculptures represent the light installation /  17 blossoms, flower-like sculptures, individiually modelled in different sizes and shapes. Sculptures created in resin and fiberglass, transparent. Red dyed with pigments.

In the centre of each flower (inside) is a elctric powered LED light. These flowers are fixed on the top of 12 mm thick metal rods, their length and order depends on the location and special situation.

technical specification 17 Sculptures, different size and form, location orientated / 17 metalrods, 12/16 mm thickness, 4 – 6 m length, location depending / 17 LED electricpowered spots / 17 cement base, ground anchoring in the river / location depending