II. Moon – Schlosspark Pansevitz. Rügen 2014

II. Moon – 2014
Resin, fibreglas, pigments and solar light technique, size: 220 x 190 x 180 cm

Foto nr. 4 – Christiane Burwitz, 2014


INS Blaue – Romantik in der Kunst
Künstlerbund Mecklenburg und Vorpommern
Kunstschau vom 2.8. – 7.9.2014 auf Rügen

Kuratorin: Susanne Burmester, Rügen


extract from the exhibition’s opening speech by curator Susanne Burmester,
31. July, 2014 – Marstall, Putbus. Rügen:

…and then there is an artist who is so presumptous, not bringing the stars-
but the moon out of the sky and hang him between the trees. At night, lit by
the sun’s energy, we have now two moons… the real moon and the 2nd.one as a
symbol – that another life than this one on this Earth appears to be possible.


kept in mind and posted by Hundrich,1.08.2014