I am landscape. 2019

I am landscape   Kulturforum PampinerHof /  Vernissage: 12. Mai 2019

Intro  I am where I am,  where I live, work and create, where I breathe.  A part of the earth’s surface that subjectively distinguishes itself from others (areas +people). 

„Land“ in the original sense „free land“, wasteland – made available to humans for free design and use. To create, quite in two senses: was created and created. A landscape that has been cultivated, civilized and from which (constantly) something new can and arises. 

1. chapter’s research, april/may 2019  „Do not step on the gras“.

I am landscape 2019 / I. Do not step on the gras 

2. chapter’s research, may 2019 / Naturaleza muerta.  Woodland
2. chapter’s research, may 2019 / reminiscences of a land far away

II. reminiscences of a land far away / o7.2019

III. It’s all about context / 1.09.2019

outsourced: Where have all the flowers gone


outsourced: Demokratie in motion / 1.st of Septembre, Parchim. A participative art project in remem-brance of the II. World War II, which was associated with the Attack of the German Wehrmacht on Poland began on 1 September 1939. Almost 60 million people lost their lives during the six-year war.

In these days of climate change this question “ where have all the flowers gone“ gets another way of importance and interpretation. It is no longer only about the necessity to banish war or the seemingly endless destruction rage and the claim to power of some people. It is to oppose a peaceful, constructive, humanistic world, it is about the preservation of this planet itself.

It has become an existential task to oppose this destructive world view with peaceful, humanistic, life-affirming and life-protecting perspectives and actions.

IV. Greenhouse / 10.09.2019

V. the future is what we mark.et  / 30.09.2019

 VI. released into the wild / ausgewildert 30. 10.2019 the trees + plants from the 1st. chapter „do not step on the gras“ are released into the garden.  

Drawings selection

Sculptures selection