I am landscape. 2019

I am landscape   Kulturforum PampinerHof /  Vernissage: 12. Mai 2019

Intro  I am where I am,  where I live, work and create, where I breathe.  A part of the earth’s surface that subjectively distinguishes itself from others (areas +people). 

„Land“ in the original sense „free land“, wasteland – made available to humans for free design and use. To create, quite in two senses: was created and created. A landscape that has been cultivated, civilized and from which (constantly) something new can and arises. 

1. chapter’s research, april/may 2019  „Do not step on the gras“.

I am landscape 2019 / I. Do not step on the gras 

2. chapter’s research, may 2019 / Naturaleza muerta.  Woodland
2. chapter’s research, may 2019 / reminiscences of a land far away

I am landscape 2019 / II. reminiscences of a land far away. 

I am landscape 2019 / III. It’s all about context. 

outsourced: Where have all the flowers gone

outsourced: Demokratie in motion / 1.st of Septembre, Parchim. A participative art project in remem-brance of the II. World War II, which was associated with the Attack of the German Wehrmacht on Poland began on 1 September 1939. Almost 60 million people lost their lives during the six-year war.