3 seconds. 2020

RESPICE FINEM – stop – play – rewind
2020 Künstlerbund Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
Schloss Bothmer / Klütz

„Whatever you do, act wisely and consider the end“ What is right? What is wrong? Where does responsibility begin? What separates good from evil? What separates life from death?

„Even death must live“ wrote Antonin Artaud in his „Peyote Dance“ (1936), a few lines later “ mothers eat their sons“ and in the present – does the earth eat their children? Or do we eat the world because we are so insatiably hungry?

Our thinking determines our words. Our words our decisions and our choices determine our whole life. Decisions are made in the present and the present lasts 3 seconds.

3 seconds is the title of my theme- and site-related installation. The individual works, pictures and objects, I mark with „the thin red line“.

3 seconds, dedicated to the present, the interface on the past meets the future. In the „now“, in this moment of decision, we move on „the thin red line“, on the thin red line that separates the right from the wrong.

Hundrich, January 2020